Warranty Information & Claims

Warranty Registration Required

In order to be able to make a warranty claim in the future, you must send us the warranty registration card within 90 days of the original purchase. Any requests for product replacement under warranty will be denied if the warranty has not been properly registered near the sale date.  If you ordered multiple product lines together, fill out a different card for each product line and include the entire receipt that product appears on with that registration card. If you have several different orders/purchases to register, please fill out a separate warranty card and attach the receipt for each separate purchase.

Click the links below to download the warranty registration card for your product(s).

GutterFoam EZ | GutterFoam Original | GutterFoam Pro

GutterFoam FR | GutterFoam Pro FR

Warranty Claim Process

Please note that if you have not sent in your warranty registration so it is postmarked within ninety (90) days of your purchase, your warranty claim will not be honored. Therefore, it is imperative to send in your registration soon after your purchase.

In order to have your product replaced under the manufacturer’s warranty, do the following:

  1. Send us your defective product at your expense.  TJM Innovations will inspect the product for manufacturers defects. Only the pieces sent to us that have been determined to be defective will be replaced. Partial pieces will be replaced with equivalent whole pieces so that the same total linear footage is matched. Any custom cuts you may have made during installation will not be made by the manufacturer; replacement product will only consist of whole pieces.
  2. Send a copy of your sales receipt along with the product you want to have replaced, making sure the product you want to be replaced appears on that sales receipt. No product replacements will be done if sales receipts are not provided at the time the product is returned. We will match the sales receipt to your warranty registration in order to verify its accuracy. If there is no warranty registration for that sales receipt, the warranty will not be honored. Where to send defective product and sales receipt:
    TJM Innovations
    Attn: Warranty Claims Department
    5519 W. Woolworth Avenue
    Milwaukee, WI, USA 53218
  1. Pay the shipping and handling costs for the replacement product. Upon verification that the above requirements have been met, we will contact you by phone or mail to request payment of our standard rate shipping charges. If the warranty claim requirements have not been met, we will inform you of this via phone or mail, and you will either need to pay shipping charges to have your original product sent back or surrender the product. All warranty claims are closed within 60 days of receipt of the defective product. Therefore, if we are unable to reach you via phone or mail during the 60 days after receipt of the defective product and the warranty has not been closed yet, the warranty claim will be automatically void, and the product you have sent us will be considered to have been surrendered. Therefore, please make sure your contact information is accurate.


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