A Variety of Gutters


Gutters can be made in a variety of materials.  A wide choice of price, durability, and curb appeal are factors that will help decide which is best for your home.  Regardless of the material of gutter, GutterFoam is available for your gutter.  

Aluminum Gutters

These are the most common type of gutter due to the ease of install, durability, and price.  They can come in a variety of colors to match the home.  Curb appeal is good, but if not taken care of, can diminish over time.  Aluminum gutters can bend easily and be affected by the weather.

Copper Gutters

The curb appeal on these types of gutters can be high but so is the price.  The curb appeal on historic or high value homes is high.  The copper can be hard to manage, but if a patina or rustic look is more appealing then the upkeep becomes less important.  Copper can also be a target for thieves depending on the current value, and thus brings some risks along with this choice.

Vinyl Gutters

Due to the ease of installation and variety of colors available this option has become more popular.  The price is very economical as well.  The curb appeal is high as they won't fade or rust.  Vinyl though is susceptible to cracking in extreme cold and can be damaged in high winds.  

Stainless Steel Gutters

Used more with commercial buildings as the price and curb appeal on residential homes is a detractor for homeowners.  Proper maintenance can make this type of gutter last a long time as they are very durable.  The maintenance required can be high, and they can rust out if not properly maintained.

Wood Gutters

A rare choice, but can have high curb appeal in the right situation.  Maintenance is required to make sure they don't rot or crack.  A high price tag comes with these types of gutters, and they are not easy to install.

No matter what type or size of gutters you have, GutterFoam is available for it.  Find your perfect fit with the GutterFoam Buyer's Guide or call us for a custom quote: 866-766-3442. 



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