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  • Looking for a way to keep mosquitoes under control this summer? Well, if you’ve got downspouts and drain tube extenders there is an ideal breeding ground right in your backyard. Drain tube extenders are a great way to direct rainwater away from your home, but the corrugated design often leads to an accumulation of stagnant water. This leftover water is the perfect place for mosquitoes to lay their eggs.
  • We created GutterFoam - Drain Tube as an easy way to prevent mosquitoes and other pests from using your gutter system to breed in.
  • The minimalist design is effective and easy to install while letting rainwater pass through unimpeded.
  • GutterFoam - Drain Tube is made from the same high-quality durable polyether material as GutterFoam and is infused with a UV and germicide protectant to prevent bacteria growth in your downspout.
  • Installation is easy, just insert GutterFoam - Drain Tube foam into the end of your downspout or drain tube extender and that is it, removal is just as simple. 
  • GutterFoam - Drain Tube - 4 pack
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