Installation Instructions

Proper Installation Procedures for GutterFoam

Installation example

     Example of installation under the gutter.

We have started shipping GutterFoam in a compressed form.  We have made this change as part of our mission to help reduce environmental impact by using a smaller, compact package.  The smaller package also reduces shipping costs.  GutterFoam will still work the same when it has been compressed.  We recommend to open the package upon arrival and allow up to 24 hours for GutterFoam to regain its shape.  In most cases, it will only take about an hour for GutterFoam to regain the original shape. 

All gutters to be fitted with GutterFoam should be thoroughly cleaned out, all leaves, debris, and roof grit should be removed and the gutters washed out, if possible.

All downspouts should be cleared of any obstruction, especially where there are elbows.

All gutters should be checked to ensure that they are properly sloped towards the downspouts. All Spikes and hangers should be securely tightened. Hangers should be added where needed.

Insert GutterFoam into the gutter so that its narrowest point, (the sharpest angle) is tucked under the front lip of the gutter. GutterFoam should run to the back of the gutter completely filling the space across the top of the gutter then turn at a 90º angle to sit snugly on the bottom of the gutter.

Slide the GutterFoam into the gutter under each spike or hanger, then, tuck the front edge of the material under the lip of the gutter. Place the material sections into the gutter one piece after another making sure there are no gaps between sections. Miter the corners when gutters make a change in direction.

A knife or scissors may be used to cut the material, if needed, at the end of each run. Do not stretch the material to make it fit as it will shrink back to its original form and leave gaps.


dirty gutters
Example of hidden hanger gutters before installation, some cleaning is needed.

Some gutter straps, like those that are called “Hidden Hangers”, are positioned in the gutter at a lower point making it difficult to push the GutterFoam under the strap. In this situation, you will make a cut into the GutterFoam so it can straddle the strap.

hidden hanger installation
Example of hidden hanger installation after it is installed properly.

The cut will start on the bottom of the GutterFoam and cut up towards the top (the part of the filter facing the sky) without cutting all the way through it. 

You will only make your vertical cut into the GutterFoam as far as you need to have the it straddle the gutter hanger. 

Download Installation Instructions(PDF)



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