My order of GutterFoam was packaged in a plastic wrap and a smaller box?

We have started shipping GutterFoam in a compressed form.  We have made this change as part of our mission to help reduce environmental impact by using a smaller, compact package.  The smaller package also reduces shipping costs.  GutterFoam will still work the same when it has been compressed.  We recommend to open the package upon arrival and allow up to 24 hours for GutterFoam to regain its shape.  In most cases, it will only take about an hour for GutterFoam to regain the original shape. 

Can I use GutterFoam with heat cables/coils?

Yes! GutterFoam can be used with heat cables as an excellent system for melting icicles in your gutter, preventing ice backup on your shingles and keeping the leaves and debris out of your gutter.   Heat cables, tapes and other ice melting systems will not harm GutterFoam.

Can I use GutterFoam on a flat or nearly flat roof?

GutterFoam works on all slopes, no matter the slope. The Roof Drain Foam Filter is our primary solution for flat roofs. We are also more than happy to help create a custom solution for your home. Fill out the contact form or call us at 1-866-766-3442 for additional information regarding custom foam solutions.

Does water in the gutter run over during heavy rainfall?

No. The filter is non-absorbent so it allows large volumes of water to flow right through.

Does GutterFoam need to be cleaned?

Yes. It does require some light maintenance. Every 6 months it is recommended to use a leaf blower or garden hose to clear stubborn debris caught in the GutterFoam.

How do you install GutterFoam around the gutter spikes?

It simply slides underneath the gutter spikes.  It can also be cut to fit over the gutter spikes.

Do birds, squirrels, insects, or other small animals harm the foam?

No. Not only has GutterFoam’s durability been tested for over 5 years, but it is coated with a germicide that repels insects and keeps mosquitoes from breeding within the gutters, helping to protect against the West Nile Virus and the Zika Virus.

Do UV rays or heat from sunlight harm the foam?

No. The coating on GutterFoam contains a UV stabilizer that protects the durable polyether material from the suns heat and rays.

Can strong winds blow GutterFoam out of the gutter?

No. It is secure because it fits snugly in the gutter and under the spikes.

How long has GutterFoam been on the market?

GutterFoam was first marketed in the first quarter of 2003.

Does GutterFoam come with a warranty?

Yes. GutterFoam Ez carries a 3 year performance warranty; GutterFoam carries a 5 year performance warranty; GutterFoam Pro carries a 15 year performance warranty; GutterFoam FR carries a 25 year performance warranty; and GutterFoam Pro FR carries a lifetime performance warranty

What is the difference between the 5 GutterFoam models: Ez, Original, Pro, FR, and PRO FR?

GutterFoam Ez is an uncoated gutter guard that is backed by a 3 year warranty. GutterFoam is top coated, where the top 1/2″ has an extra coating comprised of the germicide and UV protectant. It is backed by a 5 year warranty. GutterFoam Pro is a fully coated, in which the coating is comprised of a germicide and UV protectant. This product is backed by a 15 year warranty. The coating is an extra layer for more protection from the environment.  GutterFoam FR has an extra surface coating which includes a fire retardant compound.  It is back by a 25 year warranty.  GutterFoam Pro FR is fully coated and has the fire retardant.  It is backed by a lifetime warranty.

How does GutterFoam perform in freezing weather?

Freezing temperatures have no effect on GutterFoam. Since GutterFoam keeps the downspout from clogging, there is never any surplus water left in the gutter, thus no freezing.

What happens in the winter? Does GutterFoam freeze in the gutter?

Gutters will freeze for one of two reasons. First of all, if water is not able to flow to the downspout because the gutter is full of leaves and debris; it will freeze and build up as a block of ice in the gutter. Secondly, if there is heat loss in the house through the ceiling, and the heat is warming the bottom of the roof deck, the snow on the roof will melt during the day and become ice in the gutter during the nighttime hours. As this process continues over several days and nights you will end up with a frozen block of ice in the gutter, and many times this ice will continue onto the roof above the gutter and work its way under the shingles and find a way to come into your home. If you see water coming into your home from your ice dam it will be because it has come in where the nails used to hold the shingles in place are located. There is a product called ice and water shield and many homeowners in northerly climates will apply ice and water shield a minimum of 3" up from the gutter.  We recommend at least 6" of ice and water shield up from the gutter. That extra protection is good to have.

In the first case mentioned above, GutterFoam may help the water to flow to the downspouts by keeping your gutters clean. In the second case where there will be a buildup of ice due to heat loss heating up the roof deck and melting the ice, GutterFoam will become part of the frozen block of ice. When the temperatures warm up the water surrounding the foam filter will quickly melt. The GutterFoam will be fine and continue to perform as it did prior to the winter season. It will stay in place year after year.

There is a certain amount of water that can be retained by any sediment that collects in the filter. We have not had any complaints of GutterFoam becoming too heavy for the gutter so I would like to say we are pleased with our results in cold weather applications. It is true that we have sold several million feet of product in cold weather Northerly climates and have not had one complaint of this nature. We do believe this says a lot about the compatibility of GutterFoam in cold weather climates.

In comparison, let’s examine all of the guards and screens that can be placed over the gutter. We have heard from many customers that they have become discontent because these systems inevitably become dislodged over time. It will likely take less than 2 years for a replacement to become necessary. They may look nice for a few months but give it some time, particularly if you live in a Northern climate. Snow is the screen’s worst enemy. As the snow melts and shifts, it will take the screen with it, and remove it from its place. Ice build-up will also expand and push the covers and screens out of place. Because they are over the top of the gutter and are independent of the gutter, they will not maintain their position. Over time they are sure to become dislodged due to snow and ice movement. Other environmental extremes such as cold or heat will change the dimensions of the material, making it undersized or oversized. As the original shape changes, the screen or cover no longer fits properly. When these products lose their position they no longer perform as intended and will need to be replaced. Finally, these systems are not easy to install, and you may become frustrated with your purchase, wondering whether or not you had installed them properly.



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