Early Winter Woes

Early Winter Woes - GutterFoam®


Winter can come sooner than expected sometimes.  In the upper midwest, it has already snowed several times.  Early snow and cold can cause problems for cleaning gutters.  Gutters can't be flushed out because it will freeze.  It is not safe to get up on ladders with the snow and ice.  Don't wait until the last minute to take care of these important outdoor chores.  If you can't clean out your gutters, the leaves will suck up the snow and everything will turn to ice.  This can lead to damaged gutters, roofs and a whole lot more.

These issues can be resolved quite easily with GutterFoam in place.  No worries since you don't need to clean out your gutters.  GutterFoam doesn't absorb any water as it just passes right through.  It can also stay in your gutter all winter long and will help prevent ice dams.  Get GutterFoam today and not have to worry about an early start to winter!

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