Google Maps for Measuring Gutters

GutterFoam Google Maps Measurement Tool

Did you know that you can measure your gutters with Google Maps?  The measurements may not be exact, but it will give you a good idea of how much GutterFoam you need to order.  Here is a quick tutorial:

1.  Type your address in Google Maps

2.  Zoom in your house as close as you can

3.  Right-click on a corner of your house where there are gutters.  Select the option to measure distance.

4.  Now left-click on a parallel plane to the end of the roof line of where the gutter is.  Your distance will now be shown.

5.  Once you have the measurement, right-click and choose "clear measurement".

6.  Repeat steps for an additional roof lines that have gutters.

7.  Add up all of the distances to find out how many linear feet of GutterFoam you need.

If you want a more exact measurement of your gutters, order our Gutter Measurement Service.  We will get a detailed report of your gutters to you within 24-48 hours.  See more details on our website.   



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