Gutter Cleaning

GutterFoam helps from having to clean out your gutters.  Before you install GutterFoam you should clean out your gutters.  John at Lighthouse Window Cleaning has a great video on how to clean your gutters.  He suggests using a piece of GutterFoam in your downspout when cleaning the gutters so the debris does not go down and clog the downspout.

While you can cut a piece of GutterFoam for this purpose, we also offer GutterFoam - Downspout that is already cut to fit your downspout.  It blocks debris from going down into your downspout.  If you do not want to bother with installing GutterFoam into your entire gutter system, this is a great alternative to at least prevent the downspouts from clogging.

Thanks to Lighthouse Window Cleaning for the use of their video!



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