GutterFoam's Guide to Fall Cleaning

GutterFoam's Guide to Fall Cleaning

Every season brings unique challenges to home owners, but fall might be one of the busiest. As a transition period between summer and winter, fall is often looked over as people anticipate the coldest months of the year. However, if you’ve ever seen a squirrel busy foraging and preparing for the winter, you realize that it’s important to do work now so your winter goes by smoothly. Our team at GutterFoam has put together a few tips on how to prepare your home for fall this year.

Get your HVAC serviced
Throughout the summer and fall, your AC has worked hard, and now it’s time for you to give it a spa day—or at least as close to a spa day as HVAC systems get. We recommend calling a technician and getting your HVAC ready for the winter. If your heater fries when it’s snowing outside, chances are that a technician won’t be able to get out there right away. By getting it checked out while it’s still warm and mostly inactive, you will avoid headaches in the deep of winter.

Clean Your Gutters
What’s so wrong with a clogged gutter? So much, if you ask anyone who has dealt with the repercussions of clogged gutters. Gutters can lead to leaks in your home and roof damage. It can also eventually lead to foundation damage! If you haven’t gotten your gutters cleaned recently, it’s definitely the time to do it before the winter season starts.

GutterFoam will help reduce the amount of maintenance a gutter requires. GutterFoam keeps out the leaves and debris while allowing water to flow through easily. Your outdoor maintenance list will shrink when you are using GutterFoam.

It might seem like a weird time to talk about landscaping. The beautiful blooms of spring and summer are behind us, and now gardens are starting to fade to brown in preparation of the season. However, there are a few things you should consider before the snow comes. First of all, if you have trees examine them for dead or dying branches. Snow on boughs can lead to catastrophic damage. Next, consider fertilizing your lawn now. Yes, this might seem strange, but fertilizing your lawn before the snow comes can help protect it over the coldest months of the year.

Inspect Your Exterior
Check for leaky faucets on the outside, cracks around the foundation, any damage to your roof, and consider cleaning your chimney if you have one (or schedule a chimney cleaning with a service). You should also consider weather stripping your doors and windows to improve insulation.

No one enjoys fall cleanup, but with GutterFoam products, you can significantly reduce the amount of time you spend with this much-hated chore. Discover the perfect GutterFoam product for your home and spend less time worrying this winter.



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