How to Repair a Leaky Gutter

How to Repair a Leaky Gutter - GutterFoam®


If you have leaky gutters, it is an easy DIY project.  Metal gutters can develop rust holes, and how large or small the holes are determines how it should be fixed.  A large hole requires a piece of galvanized metal flashing, but a small hole can be fixed using plastic roofing cement.

Step 1: Regardless of the size of the hole, clean the gutter and scrub and rinse the area of the hole.    Use an abrasive pad and rinse and dry. 

Step 2: Once the gutter is dry, plastic cement can be applied over the hole.  Smooth it out to avoid any ridges.

Step 3: If the hole is larger, you will need to apply the flashing over the hole.  Cut a piece of the flashing to sufficiently cover the hole.  Apply the flashing to the plastic cement.

Once the cement has dried and the flashing, if needed, is in place the gutters should be leak proof.

One way to prevent rusting of the gutters and holes that need repair is to install GutterFoamGutterFoam will prevent debris and leaves from blocking the water flow, which causes standing water.  The standing water is a main cause of rusty gutters.  GutterFoam keeps the leaves and debris out of the gutters while allowing the water to flow through smoothly.  Repairing your gutters will become a thing of the past when you install GutterFoam!



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