Know Your Home: A Quick Look at Gutter Styles

When shopping for a new home, chances are, the style of gutter was not high on the priority list. However, this is key information when shopping around for new gutters or keeping them in great, working condition. Here is a quick guide on the three main styles of gutters installed on homes today; K-Style, Half Round, & Fascia.


K-Style gutters are the most common style of gutters in the residential market.

Half Round

Half Round gutters have been around for years. Prior to the invention of the K-Style gutter, half round gutters were the most commonly used gutter style.



The Fascia gutter style comes from fascia boards, which are used to cap the end of the rafters outside a building.Generally, K-Style and Half Round gutters have to be attached to fascia boards, however, fascia gutters do not need to be. Fascia gutters have a longer backside than topside.



Identifying which style of gutters you have will put you ahead of the game when it comes time for repairs or replacement.  Keep your gutters free of debris buildup and water damage with GutterFoam Foam Filters.  The easiest filters to install and backed with up to a lifetime warranty, GutterFoam will help keep your gutters system clear and working properly!

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