What Type of GutterFoam Fits My Gutter?

What type of gutter do I have? K-style gutters are the most popular gutter style with nearly 98% of homes using them. These kinds of statistics make it no big surprise that our 5” K-style gutter foam is the most popular size and style we make.

K-style gutters are designed with a flat back and bottom with a decorative front that may resemble crown molding or the letter “K”. K-style gutters can also be referred to as an ogee style gutter, but the design and ability to use GutterFoam as a protector against leaves, dirt and debris is the same. 

Half-round gutters are the traditional gutter style for many, especially those with homes that were built before the advent of K-style gutters in the 1950’s. Half-round, also known as U-shaped, gutters date back to the early 1900’s and this traditional shape has lasted over one-hundred years due to its effectiveness.

Fascia Gutters are popular in California and along the West Coast. They are secured either to the timber fascia or can replace the timber fascia and be directly applied to the roof rafters. Fascia gutters usually accommodate larger volumes of water than K-Style or Half Round Gutters. 

We make GutterFoam for all of these styles of gutters and sizes. Check out all of our options. If you don't see a style or size that will fit your gutter, contact us directly and we can custom cut to fit. Call us at 866-766-3442.



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